Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Alchemist.

I know, I'm really sorry for not updating for a very long time. I've been busy/drained with school, and posting something new is merely possible since there's nothing so interesting to post about.
Anyway, to cut the long waiting, here's something I've been looking forward to doing: FAMILY DATE! It's been a while. It had been really hard keeping up with shit from time to time without your parents around, but I'm tryna get used it, since crying wouldn't do any help. I've been crying myself to sleep and I can't sleep properly since they moved away. And I'm looking forward to every weekend they spend here in Manila. 

We watched The Rise of The Planet of the Apes at MOA. (As usual) And the movie was really cool, except that my childhood crush got tasered to death by Caesar, the leader of all the apes and the main character in the movie. James Franco is way beyond HOT, and I must say his acting skills improved. (Well, cause I think he sucked at Spiderman) Any how, here's what I wore:

Derby Hat from MIC
Sheer Top from Thrifted
Denim Cut-offs from Levi's
Bag from Louis Vuitton
Wedges from Parisian

My make-up that day! Haha! My friends asked if I use a ruler when putting on liquid eyeliner. Well, I dont. :)) I just happen to perfect the drill.

Wee! Haha! I bought this one at Zara, fro 480bucks. I just could not, resist!



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  1. Love love looooove it! You're gorgeous xx
    And I love the sheer top and how you wore it. I just did a blog post on those too.