Saturday, July 02, 2011

Vixens of the Month: Kreayshwan & Lil Debbie

Kreayshawn X DJ Lil Debbie

About Kreayshawn:
California girl Kreayshawn, sometimes called the “Female Lil B," is heating things up in LA with dance-rap songs that would make anyone want to groove along. Kreayshawn is just a stage name for 21-year-old Natassia Zolot, who was born in San Francisco and grew up in OaklandCalifornia. Music runs in this young diva’s family. Her mom Elka Zolot was in an influential San Francisco punk garage band called the Trashwomen. Even though Kreayshawn has gone a different direction with her music (less guitars and more beats!), she’s definitely inherited her mom’s punk spirit and DIY attitude, but has all the swagger and flair of a street-wise Oakland rapper. She works with a posse she calls the White Girl Mob, consisting of herself and her friends DJ Lil’ Debbie and vocalist V-Nasty.

Natassia isn’t just creative (or kreaytive) when it comes to music; she received a scholarship for the Berkely Digital Film Institute after leaving high school and attended the institute for one year before taking her music to another level. But her film talents didn’t go to waste; she directed videos for fellow "Bay" rapper Lil BKreayshawn is a self-professed “weirdo” and says she gets inspiration from other oddball artists, like Kool Keith and director John Waters. We think it shows in her crazy music, and insane personal style. She will wear anything anywhere to make a point, saying she shops everywhere from charity stores to costume shops.

She told GQ MagazineWhen I go out to a party I make a point to wear crazy little tube tops and oversize jackets with baggy jeans. Right now, I'm at the studio wearing Jordans and a leather jacket - just fresh, you feel me? I usually have to thrift shop at Goodwill, which is why I have crazy swag. But I've been getting free clothes, so now you might see me up in those.

People talk about overnight successes, but with YouTube it doesn’t have to take all night! Just a year after she released her mixtape Kitty’s and ChoppasKreayshawn put her song "Gucci Gucci" on the web and within in minutes she had more hits than she ever could have imagined. By the end of one week she had 900,000 views! She’s now signed to Columbia Records and living in LA, talking to big names like Drake and Snoopabout what’s up next!

a little trivia..

Kreayshawn LOVES cats, and says she lives with lots of them! “I'm a crazy cat lady. I have two cats - Kitty and Choppa - and it's sick because I live in a really tiny apartment - one small room, full of me and kitties. They run that house. It's like I'm their roommate.”

About DJ Lil Debbie:
Lil Debbie (AKA SwagMaster G) is a model, cutie patootie, and DJ for the Hip Hop trio White Girl Mob, comprised of herself, Kreayshawn, and V-Nasty. She has been many a time been describes as a modern day Helen of Troy, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California, and not in fact in ancient Greece. Also she loves blunts.

*Sorry I could only gather a few info about this chick. :(*

Apart from their very sick videos, they dress reeeaaal nice. And it's not mainstream. I would have to say that I'm crushing on Lil Debbie, for she rocks the nerd look so hard! I love these two, and I'll be trying out outfits inspired by them and maybe a make-up tutorial on their looks? Haha! We'll so on that. I'll leave guys with another video of them, and I hope you guys will enjoy! Here it is! :



  1. i fell in love with their style & them !!!!!!!!!!! they should start a cllothing line or something