Sunday, June 26, 2011

War Headed } }

SORE EYES! It's not that obvious in this photo but my eyes are killing me! FML! My right eye is super itchy and super sore! I swear, it's freaking gross!

This look is what I wore yesterday! My mom bought a new laptop for dad, so he could use it while he's at Clark. My dad told me not to put any make-up on for it will irritate my eyes even more. Being such a stubborn kid, I still did my make-up and, you guessed it right, it had gone worse! I wouldn't apply it on but since I don;t want anyone to notice that my eye is swollen, I tricked it. KARMAAA. I immediately washed off my make-up and got a redder and itchier eye. :| Nuff said.

What I wore that day:
Pink Shoulder-padded blouse from Lola's closet, Cross Necklace from MIC, Black Suede Boots from a Korean store, and Pink Studded Belt from Pink MNL

Oh and please pray that my eyes get better. Thank you!


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