Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Late Post: Pink Batique

UBER LATE POST! Haha! Post before delete, dears! I had to put this one up because first, I miss my hair color and length, second, I miss my cousin, Teng and lastly I MISS MY MOM AND DAD so much. :(( This was the that Tita Di (My grandma's sister who doesn't like to be called lola) went to visit from the states. As usual, photo ops and all that sort but my favorite part was when me and my cousin scored a couple of goodies on sale at the Tiangge at Market Market. Crazy! I bought like 7 items worth not more than 100PHP! No photos on the haul though, but nevertheless, I hope, that when I come back there, they will still carry a sale on almost all shops. What a recessionist?! After those spontaneous shoppings, we walked around Serendra and grabbed Merienda at Conti's who bake real good, mouthwatering cakes and pastries! You have to try out their Mango Merengue which has a very interesting texture, and it melts in your mouth. NOW I'M CRAVING! The clan was complete! My little cousins, which I meant in age difference, who are a lot bigger than me, were super upbeat! They were all around the place! We brought Baron, too! If you don't know who Baron is check out this blog. Now, let me talk you through what happened through these photos:

 Now, everyone. Where do you think I got my smile from, huh?

Me, fooling with Baron. Awwww :))


 Don't you just adore my Batik blouse?

 Me with Tita Di

 Resting after a crazy sale shopping.

Oh! I miss my hair :( except the split ends.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Plangking Obsession

Have you ever tried planking out of nowhere? Don't be surprised if a random girl started body dropping infront of you. Haha! THIS IS MY NEW RESORT! I will be posting my very own planking photos soon! Anywhere it may be. I'm so excited to try it out on crowded place, please don't make fun of me, but I'm really loving the idea of sticking your face to ground flat. GERRMMMSSS! Who cares? I'd do this for sure!

PHOTOS BY : Ruby Tanjarine



My finished and unfinished self-portrait paintings.

Green Gremlin Oil on Canvass 24" x 26"

Unfinished Oil on canvass 24" x 26"


The Naked Truth


Nude photography and painting had been always one of my favorites. Since I'm in the field of painting, I tried painting in nudes a couple of times but did not seem to be my forte. My style is usually with pink, black, and yellow pigments. My backgrounds always come in flat black with stars, or galaxies. I'm trying to incorporate nude and galaxies now, and as a start, I browsed some nude photo inspirations that can help me along the way.

Here are some photos I gathered around the web, and these are not mine. It's not stated here who owns the photos but if you happen to know who the photographers are, leave it here as a comment. :

 I edited them and adjusted the color to difference in #ff0000