Friday, July 01, 2011

Electric Youth ▲

Before anything else, my eyes still hurts and it's getting worse. :| I have been dealing with this Allergic Conjunctivitis for a week now, and it wasn't for the boyfriend's effort to put all these together, I'd be super soaked in tears right now.

First up, TRANSFORMERS Dark of the Moon. REVIEW: I'd describe the movie in one word: AWESOME! 10 thumbs-up for visual effects, color scheme and the new leading lady, though we still think Megan Fox should still be there for consistency. But I would have to say NADA to why they replaced Megan Fox with a Victoria Secret model with 0% acting skill. Her acting for me is mediocre acting, she made Shia's acting a little bit weirder and over the edge by being not so upbeat on heavy scenes. But I would have to commend her for her effort though. And on the length of the movie, I must say it was too long, and very winded. BUT STILL, for a Filipino like me who is exposed to Philippine lame visual effects, it was still something not to miss at the theaters.
This was me and my boyfriend's escape date from school and not having to meet regularly cause we have different schedules now. :/ And so, we saw this movie and enjoyed the hell out of it. Allen's favorite robot was the Decepticon robot called the "Shock Wave". All through out the movie, my boyfriend was cheering for this robot. Haha! You guys should see it in 3d if you really want top entertainment!

And so, and so. After watching a jampacked movie, we were feeling so hungry, and I planned for this Yakimix date for days already and its Allen's first time to eat there. I'm so happy to take-in unlimited egg rolls again! I always feel happy when I eat there, it's like my food heaven! All my favorite food in one scrumptious buffet! I'm glad that Allen loved the food too, I mean, who wouldn't?!

MY SUPER HANDSOME SLAVE! Kidding! My bembinellers ♥

Lastly, we met up with Allen's best friend, Earth, together with his girlfriend Darla and hopped at W Grill for a couple of beers. From the looks of these photos, you know we had a great time!

US ♥

This two is adorable, except for Earth :| I kid! Earth is somewhat similar to Allen when it comes to small talks.
See that blood line on Earth's nose? :)) 

Finally, what I wore that night. I would have to commend my boyfriend for doing such a great job on taking my photos. NOTTT! Hahaha! He had a couple of tries before he perfects a shot, but honestly, he knows my angles. :"> 

Plaid Long Sleeves - Bazaar
DIY Sleeveless - Thrifted
Knee-high Stockings - Leglove
Black Suede Boots - Korean Brand

Had such a great time with the boyfriend again. I love you, baby! ♥