Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Shoe-Whore's Spotlight : DANIELA COROMINA

Urban Photography

A little something about yourself:
My name is Danee Coromina. I'm a 20 year old fine art's student of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila Philippines. I'm a girl in love with patterns, dull colors, and music. I love getting out of the house, exploring what's out there to see. Sponteinity thrills me. I believe that there is no time to lose in life so why waste your time on nothing? :)

Where did you study photography? 
I had my first camera when I was 7 years old. It was a normal Fuji film camera. It was even panoramic! But after a while, my interest 
wore out and I focused on other things. When I turned 15, I asked for a camera as a birthday present. It was just a simple Kodak digital camera until 

it had to die on me :(
I learned the technical side of Photography in College. We had a year of Photography class. This helped me get into the said activity more.

Who or what influenced you to become a photographer?
I cannot particularly pinpoint who influenced me into Photography, but ever since a teenager, I've always been fascinated in beauty and fashion shots in magazine pages.

Although the following Photographers:

Melissa Rodwell 
Boris Ovini
Gavin O'Neil
Zenna Holloway
David Slijper
Mark Librodo
Filbert Kung
Tim Serrano
and so many more never fail inspire me in what I want to do.

Do you have a favorite photograph?
I have tons of favorite photos. But as of the moment, my most favorite would be Zenna Holloway's underwater shot, particularly:

What do you enjoy most photographing?
The preparation is when you want to think of the extremes. You plan having at least one winner shot in every shoot you make. The conversations with the models, your team. The impromptu make-up and hair, the out of the box poses.. All of that to me is exciting.
The outcome is the part when you reward yourself with a handshake. When you think that what you have done is good enough, and you friends and models say you did well, be proud and challenge yourself for more shoots and practice. Practice wouldn't be an option of regret, ever.

Do you have a special style in your photographs that can single you out like strokes in a painting?
As of now I can say that I am still seeking for my style. I'm on my way to learning more in Photography. Whenever I think of this, I get so eager in holding my camera to be able to shoot some more.

What can you advice to people who wants to try out photography?
Go for it! If you have the opportunity of owning a good camera, make use of it. Learn the settings and what you can do. I tell you, it can do so much. 
Don't limit yourself to what you think everybody knows. Think out of the box and keep shooting. Explore all the fields of Photography as much as you can. No one's stopping you! There are so many things unnoticed by people, show it to the world through what you love doing. 
Each one of us has a talent to be proud of. Lets not brag about what we do, but instead, share it to others. And lastly, love your camera as it will love you back!

What can you say about having to be featured in TSW (The Shoe Whore)?
I am thankful to TSW for featuring me here! Its heartwarming and flattering to be asked about what I love doing. I hope I was able to share a bit of inspiration to TSW's subscribers! And by the way, this blog is very interesting especially in terms of Fashion (another thing I love). 
Please do check the posts every now and then!

Motto in life?
"Be & believe in yourself. Do what you love because you chose it."


Here are some of her marvelous photos:

I give her shots and her love for the art :

Perfect 5 Wolves ▲

I'm a good friend of Daniela Coromina, and we share the same insights about art and music. And not to mention how we hated the politics that's happening in our college. Her shots are awesome! Check her blogs [below] to further see how this sweet young lass makes wonders.
Daniela Coromina on the TSW Spotlight.

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