Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lame Hipster Wanna-be ▲

As soon as this socks thing got on trend, I immediately went to some random department store and grab myself pairs of unique socks, colorful and pale ones. I can't wait to try them on different shoes that I own. And here's a test run. My dad and/or my brother is my official photographer. Haha! I couldn't ask my mom cause she doesn't know how to use an SLR. Old fashioned much? Haha! I wanted to change styles, cause the past few months I noticed that I have been buying stuffs and clothes that are floral and very girly. Now, I wanted to be flexible. No changing styles but I wanted to try mono chromatics and pales. Off-whites, and pastels. Or try dark and androgynous. 

When it comes to fashion, everyone knows that you have to be different to stand-out. In my case, I didn't want to stand out but be my self instead. I want my clothes to express not to impress. And as these words go on and on (as it obviously will be if I won't stop), Here's what I wore:

Black cropped intimates from DEBENHAMS
Denim shorts from THRIFTED
Polka-dotted Socks from SM DEPARTMENT STORE
Black Patented Wedge from PARISIAN

This bag got story! Haha! Me and my mom came across this Thrift Shop in the nearby talipapa, and bought denim shorts that I could dye and cut and murder. The seller saw my mom carrying her favorite LV Monogram bag. And so she asked if it was real. My mom, being very proud and quite insulted (HAHA) said that she doesn't buy imitations when it comes to bag and shoes. *Now you know where I got my genes* The seller, at about 20+ years of age, paused and called her friend. Apparently, her friend also owns a few signature bags. And so the seller told us that, all of her friend's bag was given to her by her Japanese husband. Little that we know, the lady was interested in selling us her bag. (REFER TO PHOTO ABOVE) She told us that her friend doesn't have money to pay for the house bills and so she needs to sell something. The seller got the bag delivered, and my mom fell inlove right then and there. My mom asked how much would they sell it, they priced it first at Php2,800. They had no idea, what bag that was and how much it really costs. Mom whispered to me that it was 30-40k originally. *BARGAINNNN!* We are so lucky these ladies didn't know LOUIS VUITTON! Haha! What a deal right? My mom even haggled and they even got her a discount! 2k flat! TALK ABOUT GOOD DEALS. 

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