Sunday, June 26, 2011

TSW Spotlight : Janica Buhain

TSW Spotlight : Janica Buhain
Make-up Enthusiast and a Beauty Blogger

It's a bum to still not have collaborated with this living Barbie. We are both make-up enthusiast but in her case she just do it for beauty blogging, and I had to do it for business. ;)) She's very talented! She was a former student in my college which is the College of Fine Arts in Design, and she majored in Advertising, but I forgot why she had to transfer to another school. I wish I could spend time with her often :( I can't wait to lay my brushes on her delicate face, and I'm sure that any make-up look would look good on her.

Just recently Pyonghwaa on Youtube, had a contest, for who could be the best that could do an Asian inspired make-up tutorial and luckily and out of talent of course, my friend Janica won the contest! Here's the entry Janica submitted followed by the announcement of the winner! Enjoy!

Don't you just love the smooth background music? One thing I hate about make-up tutorials is having to play it up with a rattling background music. For something as delicate as our face, the music should gel together. I love how this video tutorial was made, SIMPLE, good music, and you can really learn from it. Every make-up used was either drugstore or locally made. Affordable but stunning!

Here's when Pyonghwaa announced that Janica won! Congrats, babe! I hope you make more make-up tutorials. Don't forget my request! You know itt!



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  1. awwwww <3 <3 <3 thank you ish!! you're the sweetest!! >:D<