Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pegs for Month June and July

Pegs ▲ June X July
What I'm eyeing for these months of rain.

I have been building up ideas in my mind on how my looks would vary from time to time. I've always wanted to be a woman of ONE STYLE, but I just can't. There's so much styles and trends that fits me. May it be girly or androgynous. Now, these picks are my inspirations and keep posted for looks that came from these pegs. ▲

1. Flag and Intricate Designs on Bandanas

2. 3/4 Length Unique Stockings/Hosiery

3. Wolves X Vixens ; anything DIY shirts with Wolf designs or any accesories and items at all. 

4. Galaxy Prints. Mi Favorito.

5. Black Leather Accessories 


7. Matte Black Smokey Eye Make-up and Nude Lips

I hope you guys got inspirations too! Will be doing DIY galaxy shirts soon! Keep posted! :>


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