Saturday, June 25, 2011

Haul Post ▼: Black Triangles


The rainy days got me all spending! I ran over my mom's friend who happened to sell Authentic Mary Kay cosmetics, and in addition to my make-up collection (in which soon, I will be showing you guys), I bought a couple of products, mostly for skin care. My mom liked them so much she bought some for herself as well! She was so happy that the Mary Kay cream cleanser literally faded her wrinkles away. I swear you guys have to see it for your self. (But that would be impossible, right?) So, maybe, I'll update this post on how my mom's skin changed since she used the cleanser. 

And for the accessories, I got stranded in SM Mall of Asia together with my mom and dad. We were stuck there until 5am, because most of the roads are blocked and flooded, and talk about a bumper to bumper traffic. The cars hardly move! And so, this gives me extra time stroll around and look for something to buy. I crossed this M.I.C. stand (Makes it Complete) which offers buy 1 take one on all their products! 100php for two items! In which at normal price, each costs 199php to 300php. Talk about a great find, right? As usual, hipster axez always catches my eyes. And walking around, I remembered that I had to buy painting brushes and oil emulsifiers for school 'cause I'm running out! We dropped by NB too. And so here are the stuffs I bought:

L-R Liquid Foundation, Matte Make-up Primer, Moisturizer, Cleanser


Leather trinkets

Turquoise and Purple Turbans

Extra Hipster Triangle Ring

Gothic Necklaces

Stiff Bristle Brushes for blending harsh edges

Linseed and QDP

Blue, Purple and Black glitters for my galaxies.

Flat, Nylon and Double-fibre brushes.

To end this post, I would like to tell everyone that I will be alone now, cause my mom and dad will be transferring to Clark already. :( 


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