Friday, June 10, 2011

Expected and Unexpected D's

Expected Death & Unexpected Date
People: Reanne Marcelo , Tep DividorJew De CastroMina Casipe, My Mom and My Dad. ♥

Our dearest friend Mina Casipe's grandma just died last Wednesday June 8, 2011 at around 9:50 pm. She died of old age, Imagine living in this hasty world for 94 years! I had my moments with Lola Cela and she's hilarious! Every time I drop by Mina's house, she never fails to ask who am I and where do I live. ALL THE TIME. It's as if every time I visit her is our first meeting. She's very jolly and loves watching Tele Novelas on TV. I can remember the smile on her face every time she sees me, it's like finding another lola in the person of Lola Cela. Early this evening, my blockmates/bffs dropped by my house first so we could go to the wake altogether. When they arrived at my house, I cooked Sizzling Oystered Hotdogs and Scrambled Egg with Cheese for Merienda. We watched 500 Days of Summer on DVD on our enormous TV while eating. It was nice to bond with them again. We're cherishing every moment we could spend time with one another because we only have a year until we finish college and finally part ways. But there will always be communication and get-togethers, ofcourse. But never the day-to-day basis of having to share jokes, exchange stories, and grow together. That's life though.

Now let me talk you through what happened through these photos:

Ree, Jew and Tep slacking around like what they normally do everywhere. In our living room, while watching dvds. Reanne, the "WIFI GIRL". Tep kept ranting on how Ree being a total snob when she's holding Tep's iPod and when there's available WIFI.. Haha!

On our way to Loyola, my Dad volunteered to drive us there cause it was already late and we also have to fetch mom from the a nearby wake too. Took Bokeh shots. 

 Arriving there and seeing Mina with these smiles on our faces.

 I love this top but their my Mom's :))

 Goofing around to feed a little positive energy to everyone around. We played "Rhymes" and we were laughing our asses off! The game's mechanic is to think of a word which the last syllable sounds rhymes with the given suffix. For example: "IS" Buntis, Patis, Ipis, Kamatis and so on and so forth. But you have to be fast cause there's a time limit. It was super nice to see Mina gave in to a good laugh. We love her so much, we'd do anything for her.

This cig is amazing! It has a gel-like ball inside the filter which has a super menthol liquid inside it that when you pop it, the cig will turn from lights to menthol. It's like Marlboro Ice Blast, only better in the packaging.

This kid is beautiful! She's Mina's cousin and we find her really pretty. We even bet that she's be a heart throb when she grows up.

Time / Fleur

 After fetching my mom, my parents treat us for dinner. It's Reanne's 20th birthday on Sunday and my mom told her to consider this her pre-bday celebration. It was nice to see my parents and friends get along so well.

They kept on teasing me on how prominent my signature smile is and so I got conscious cause while they were taking this they were laughing, so I gave them this big fake smile instead.


My mom doesn't have a decent shot on this post because she kept on moving!! Okay, Jewel, why the face?

Yes, mom. Go scold on me some more! :))

What we ate. Didn't get to take a photo of the Chicken though. But Shakey's is osom! Nomnomnom.

 Live. Laugh. Love.


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