Tuesday, June 07, 2011


 And so the fam went to Glorietta 4 to see X-MEN First Class 3D. Trailer 

REVIEW: The movie was intense and was hilarious. All the seats were sold out and it was nice to see common reactions. Everybody was super excited and everyone was super reactive to what they are seeing. (Maybe because the movie was in 3d) Haha! I was looking forward to watching this movie with my boyfriend but he had to watch it with his family, and I was envious cause he'll watch it already and so I must not be defeated! HAHAHA! I asked my dad if we could watch it the next day and if we could watch it on 3d. Haha! Lucky for me cause I'm a daddy's girl, I need not to plead. Now, the boyfriend was envious cause I watched it in 3d. :)) ♥ Back to the review. I love how this movie made everyone realized how the X-MEN turned out to be. GREAT EFFECTS! And very nice cinematography, very modern and very mature. With the right play of wardrobe colors, they were killing it. I'm crushing on HAVOC. Haha! That guy who throws cyclone rings from his body is SCORCHING! *TSS*


I took some photos outside cause everything was too vibrant. I love adjusting photo exposures to *effects like these shots of mine. I love everything offset and colorful. Some of the photos were blurry intentional and unintentional.

Those green lights were light displays for GREEN LANTERN premiere this week. ANOTHER MOVIE TO LOOK FORWARD TO! Yay!
*Sorry I couldn't focus on the actual Green Lantern emblem. Check it for your self, it's infromt of Glorietta 4 at the park.

What I wore that night. I felt super corporate but not really :)) 

Blazer from THRIFTED
Blue tank-top from TNV
High-waist Vintage Denim shorts from MOM'S CLOSET - Wrangler
Ruffled Socks from SM DEPARTMENT STORE
Floral Wedges from Matthews


Lace Cropped Sleeveless from The Landmark
Php 175.00

Floral Polo from The Landmark
Php 220.00

I never knew Landmark Makati had a tiangge. They have clothes from intimates to corporate. There was not much fashionable items there, but great place to shop for gifts if you want to save. 



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