Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Lookbook.nu: Down-grading?

I've been out of the Lookbook scene for like 2 years straight cause I have been busy with school and some things. When I started to post for Lookbook, there was only a number of users from the Philippines. Particularly MNL. I never knew people could get in now that easy. Before we were supposed to submit a look before they approve it. Now, a simple invite can get you in. No wonder, people with so little fashion sense gets an account. I'm bummed. I respect their love for fashion but I think Lookbook is a little high-maintenance for them. I don't want to sound too rude, but I'm bothered about them dominating the fashion scene. 

They score hypes because they hype and comment on almost all the looks, hence making them visible. A for Effort. I don't know if I'm a hater or whatever but I find their guts really impressive. 


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